Ruilbank Amsterdam

What is it? Locations

What is it?

Ruilbank is an intervention on Amsterdam public benches meant to create sharing spaces and trigger connections among people through the exchange of reading material. Metal clips will be attached to ten benches around the city where reading material will be placed daily from july 28th to september 28th.

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Ruilbank is possible thanks to the support of:

Our partners are:

Ruilbank will be located at:

RB Westerpark
RB Speeltuin
RB Kwakersplein
RB Vondelpark
RB Sarphatipark
RB Merwedeplein
RB Pijp
RB R. Vinkeleskade
RB Weesperzijde
RB Oosterpark
RB Frankandael Park

Ruilbank Westerpark

Ruilbank Speeltuin

This bench is serious play! it's located in the playground Van Oldenbarneveldtplein right under the trees.

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Ruilbank Kwakersplein

Located between cafes in the Amsterdam-West area, grab a coffee/glass of wine from the nearest bar and enjoy a read in the sun.

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Ruilbank Vondelpark

Our bench in Amsterdam most famous park. The Ruilbank is located near the BBQ area and in front of the water.

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Ruilbank Sarphatipark

Our bench in the trendy De Pijp area, sit down a hear the sound of water from the fountain in the back.

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Ruilbank Merwedeplein

This bench is located in a more intimate green space, known for being the historical first neighbourhood of Anne Frank.

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Ruilbank Pijp

On the corner of the Willem Passtoorsstraat and the Therese Schwartzestraat

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Ruilbank R. Vinkeleskade

On the corner of the Willem Passtoorsstraat and the

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Ruilbank Weesperzijde

Ruilbank on the quay of the eastern bank of the Amstel River. This Ruilbank is the second bench from the Nieuwe Amstelbrug, it looks to the water and is located next to a light post and surrounded by lively cafes and restaurants.

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Ruilbank Oosterpark

An almost hidden bench under beautiful trees and close by to the statue of the 'Bokkenrijder'

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Ruilbank Frankandael

Looong Ruilbank located near the entrance by the Kamerlingh Onnestraat.

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Ruilbank OBA

A two person Ruilbank placed in the entrance of the Amsterdam Public Library in the center of the city.

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Ruilbank Agenda

How does it work?

Between July 28 and Septemeber 28 2013, nine spots around the city of Amsterdam will be provided with diverse reading material from our partners.

The Ruilbank team will be placing Het Parool in afternoons from mondays to saturdays on every location. Books and magazines will be delivered on mornings and afternoon on a weekly schedule we will communicate on our facebook page.

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